Thursday, August 22, 2013


Leonard Peacock has plans for his eighteenth birthday.  They involve a haircut, an antique P-38 Nazi handgun, and the real show stopper - a murder/suicide.

Leonard's mother spends most of her time in the city knee-deep in her fashion design business.  Left to his own devices, Leonard can be found at school, watching old movies with an old neighbor named Walt, or hanging around the train station doing what he refers to as research.  His research consists of observing the adult world trying to figure out if any adults are truly happy.

Loneliness combined with a childhood secret are driving Leonard to desperate measures.  Asher Beal was once Leonard's best friend, but now Leonard has decided that Asher must die.  He plans to use his grandfather's old WWII weapon to first kill Asher and then kill himself, but first he has four presents to deliver.  One to his old movie buddy, one to his guidance counselor, one to his favorite teacher Herr Silverman, and one to a church girl he met in the train station.  It may seem strange that he is the one delivering presents considering this is all scheduled to take place on his eighteenth birthday, but that's part of the ironic plan.  No one, not even his mother, remembers Leonard's birthday.  Although, after he finishes his plan, maybe they will.

Matthew Quick, author of SORT OF LIKE A ROCK STAR, BOY 21, and THE SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK, has done it again.  FORGIVE ME, LEONARD PEACOCK is the powerful story of a depressed teen desperate to be noticed and remembered in a world that often seems to be filled with the cold and heartless.  Sometimes reaching into the future to grab hopefully at the better things ahead is the only way to carry on.

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