Sunday, August 4, 2013


The last free-ranging wild herd of buffalo is located in Yellowstone Park, but it can hardly be described as "free."  The buffalo are in constant danger of death because the cattle ranchers argue that they carry a strain of brucellosis that threatens to destroy their cattle.  Because of this belief, any buffalo that leaves the confines of Yellowstone is shot.  This is the story of Little Kettle and his nephew Wyman who make it their goal to protect the remaining buffalo.

Little Kettle stands guard at the boundary of Yellowstone in hopes of stopping the death of any more buffalo.  He believes that his nephew Wyman is destined to do the same, but Wyman is reluctant to join the fight.  That is until he begins having strange dreams that involve the buffalo and especially a young buffalo that always remains out of sight in the strange dreams.  Upon hearing of the dreams, Little Kettle insists they are "visions" not simple dreams, and he offers them as proof that indicate the path Wyman is bound to follow.

When Wyman goes to stay with Little Kettle, he meets two other young people whose lives are connected to the Yellowstone herd.  A girl named Alex also admits to having dreams and with her help Wyman begins to face up to the mysterious visions.  By comparing dreams it is revealed that there is a white buffalo that only they have seen but many desire to capture or even kill.  It becomes their goal to protect the special buffalo and join in Little Kettle's crusade.

Author Ed Kienzle an outdoor enthusiast has crafted an adventurous novel about the preservation of an endangered species.  THE LAST BUFFALO is filled with visions, Indian lore and spirits, cattle slayings, a pet bear, and more.  Kienzle brings some of the excitement of the old west into a modern story of two young people trying to make a difference.

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