Tuesday, August 6, 2013

INHUMAN by Kat Falls

INHUMAN, set for an October 2013 release date, is the perfect book for readers wanting non-stop action, border agents, smuggling, and a dangerous virus.  I already know several teens who are going to love it.

Delaney "Lane" McEvoy doesn't really remember a time when the world wasn't a dangerous place.  She has grown up taking self-defense and survival classes at the insistence of her father.  After a deadly virus known as Ferae wiped out everyone east of the Mississippi, those living in the West have been separated from the area called the Feral Zone by a huge wall.  The virus much like rabies has no cure and no vaccine has been created to fight against it, leaving the Feral Zone an empty wasteland except for mutant monsters somehow able to survive.

Lane's mother died of cancer, causing her father to be even more protective of his only child.  When Lane is hauled in by government officials asking questions about her father's whereabouts, she isn't sure what to make of it.  As far as she knows he is traveling on business as usual, but they seem to think she is hiding information.  Gradually, her interrogator convinces Lane that her father may actually be a known "fetch", someone who sneaks passed the wall into the Feral Zone to smuggle coveted items back over to the West.  All for a hefty price, of course.

Now Lane is faced with a task - travel to the other side of the wall and find her father.  If she is successful, the government has promised to spare his life and even forgive his indiscretions.  But the threat of landmines, heavily armed border guards, and mutant creatures could end her mission almost before it starts.

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