Thursday, August 1, 2013

BEFORE YOU GO by James Preller

It's been seven years since Jude's little sister Lily drowned in the backyard pool.  His mother spends most of her time behind closed curtains self-medicating to get through her days.  His father goes to work and comes home and then jogs to try to outrun his memories.  Jude has the biggest guilt to deal with since he believes that he is to blame for his sister's death.

Junior year is almost over and Jude thinks maybe a summer job would help keep him busy.  Living near the boardwalk means there should be a job available.  He ends up working a concession stand at West End Two.  When he's not serving customers or cleaning gum from underneath the tables and chairs, he is watching Becca one of the cashiers.  He tries to arrange his break times so he will bumped into her and is pleasantly surprised when she is willing to chat.

Once school is out, Jude's days are filled with working, running, and partying with his friends.  It seems like a fairly carefree summer before he has to buckle down for his senior year, but his developing relationship with Becca has him opening up about his sister like he never has before.  Little does he know another tragedy is about to change his life even more.

BEFORE YOU GO is author James Preller's first young adult novel.  Jude will capture the hearts of readers as they learn about the family tragedy and observe as Jude deals with his memories and comes to terms with his guilt. 

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