Monday, August 19, 2013

EXTREMITIES by David Lubar

I scored this ARC at ALA in Chicago in July!  Thirteen great horror stories perfect for YA readers who have grown up addicted to David Lubar's stories.

In EXTREMITIES Lubar journeys into the dark and dangerous meant for the more mature reader.  With titles like Running Out of Air, Patterns of Fear, Blood Magic, Morph, and Evil Twin, readers are in for a terrifying treat.  Shape-shifters, revenge killings, a haunted house, and a ghost ship are just a few of the creepy scenarios awaiting those brave enough to turn the pages.  The cover boasts the following: Tales of Death, Murder, and Revenge.

I found EXTREMITIES was a case of "you can't just read one."  Once I started, it kept me up late into the night.  I have plans to use some of the selections as inspiration for my students' future creative writing assignments. 

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