Wednesday, June 24, 2015

BLOOD WILL TELL by April Henry

Blood Will Tell (Point Last Seen Series #2)The SAR (Search & Rescue) group is back!  Author April Henry once again does her mystery magic in BLOOD WILL TELL.

Nick gets a call that describes a missing seven year old girl.  He and the rest of the SAR team gather for instructions and begin the search.  When the little girl shows up safe and sound, everyone is relieved until she suddenly streaks off right into the path of an oncoming pickup truck.  Her body flies through the air and lands with a sickening thud.  Nick temporarily loses it when he sees glistening, white bone protruding from the little girl's leg.  After vomiting in the bushes, Nick gathers his wits and jumps into the action to stabilize the seven year old's neck until the EMS workers arrive.  How's that for an attention-grabbing start?

The SAR team barely has time to recover when the next call comes in.  This time the body of a young woman was discovered in a ditch, and Nick finds himself crawling on his hands and knees alongside his partners as they look for trace evidence that will hopefully catch the woman's killer.  What no one expects is that Nick will soon be accused of committing the crime.  Can he convince the cops that the DNA found on the victim is not really his?  And, will he be able to deal with the life-changing secret that DNA sample reveals?

Through alternating voices, Henry takes her readers into the minds of multiple characters whose individual issues and personal problems add depth and undertone that make BLOOD WILL TELL a real page-turner.  Her red herrings will lead readers down numerous paths in not only the murder investigation, but also into the lives of the SAR team members themselves.  This novel is the second in the Point Last Seen mystery series.  If you haven't already, be sure to check out the first book titled THE BODY IN THE WOODS.

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