Saturday, June 13, 2015

SEED by Lisa Heathfield

SeedSeed is the perfect place to live.  According to Papa S., Nature rules this idyllic community and worshipping Nature guides the lives of those who live there.  Pearl has lived in Seed her entire life.

The sunrises and sunsets are perfect, the vegetables grown are luscious and beautiful, and the honey is sweet.  Everyone shares in the work and the rewards as they sell their produce to those who live in the Outside.  The men of Seed spend their days in the barn doing engine work for those on the Outside. 

Pearl loves her life in Seed.  She is eagerly awaiting the day when she will become a Companion for Papa S.  She knows this is expected and has watched as other young girls have held the honor.  At the moment she is busy helping Elizabeth who will soon give birth to a new member of the Seed community.

When one of the Kindred arrives with a woman and two children from Outside, Pearl is excited.  No one from Outside has ever come to live among them.  The woman seems frightened and nervous, but Papa S. assures her she has made the right decision and that Nature will protect her and her children.  The little girl seems happy to be here, but the boy Ellis is reluctant to embrace the ways of Seed.  Pearl is inexplicably drawn to Ellis.  His constant questions about the ways of the community begin to raise Pearl's own questions and eventually doubts about the place she has always called home.

Author Lisa Heathfield paints a startling and uneasy picture of life in this cult-like community.  Readers will immediately connect with the innocent, naïve Pearl, and at the same time distrust the revered Papa S. and his controlling ways.  SEED explores a different theme than most new YA offerings.  Pick up a copy if you are looking for a bit of a change of pace.

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